Why people play game

Why people play game? This question ask to the public most of the answer will be “For fun”. Different people have different way present what fun is. In my opinion people play game is because they want to get or feel fun through play game. This society have reality shows competing against each other, song contests, you have the space race, the arms race, who can make the tallest building, we have to compete to get to the top universities, to be the financial center of the world, the leader in technological innovation and medical breakthroughs and to dominate the Nobel prize awards. Not everybody can be the winner in this society so they find other way to feel the win that is play game.competitionReference:Why is the world so competitive

Premise 1: People want to win

BeFunky-Collage8.jpgPicture above are showing 2 NBA player, common point between this two player are both of them are called as a dirty player. The interest point is both of their team are take the top standing on east and west conference. So is their dirty play really help their team to get the won in NBA. From my reference from article “Dirty playing in competition” dirty play are not only happen in sport, business and politic also have this kind of strategy to make them get the advantage or win position.

Why they don’t care about their reputation still want to get the win. From the Jeffrey Spencer says we are born for win. We’ve a primal instinct that compels us to achieve. That drive is what’s behind each thought and action. It’s what initiates every moment of our lives. From here i understand win is our life needed.

(Getty Images;/)Other reason people want to win based on my opinion is because “Winner is King, Winner is Justice”. Who are success or the winner in this society they can say anything and nobody have qualification to refute their say until you win him or her. From the online resource we can find out many of the quotes about winning, one of the example is says by Tiger Woods – Winning solve everything. All of them are the winner and success in this society, this prove my opinion because not any loser saying been record on it.

Reference:Dirty playing in competition

Reference:Quotes about winning

Reference:Why winning matters

Premise 2: Spending time or money in game for win

No Caption Providedhttps://i0.wp.com/www.teamliquid.net/staff/treehugger/Training_Schedule.png

In game win is simple, once people spent their time or money then can easily get a win.

First talk about spending time first. For some player spend all their free time to build up their character stat and their control skill to keep standing on the top tier in the game. From the article “Call of duty and professional gaming” mentioned as a pro gamer, you are more than likely to be spending upwards of 5 hours a day playing the title of your profession. They spend all of their patient and time is because this are the way to be the winner.

Second is spent money in game. Now a days in app purchase are very common in game industry. The item sell to player can help them to easily get the win compare with the player are not spent money. Example from crash of clan player can buy shield stop you from getting raided and use gems to rebuild your armies instantly. Those item helping player to win so people will buy it and they spent money also help Crash of Clan to earn profit. Other feature such as Gatcha system also abstract people spent money on it because they can easily get the rare card or avatar to build up their deck or team make them standing on the top tier position in game.

Reference:Call of duty and professional gaming

Reference:How crash of clan earn $500000 a day

Premise 1 – People want to win

Premise 2 – Spending time or money in game for win

According this premise i come out with this conclusion support my argument is

People can easily get a win while spend time or money in game

While a people are standing on the top tier and win a competition, other will start jealousy or respect the winner. Those mood are the element effect people feel happy also motivate people keep think for win. So people choose spend something in game that have a higher chance to get the win then feel happy and fun.

If this conclusion are true then following will helpful when developing video game

  • Focus on multiplayer competitive game because through competition can clearly determine who are the winner.
  • Balance of the how many player spent and the result player can get.
  • Ranking in game and connect with all the region, showing who are the best in this world

Application to the Game Industry Business Cyclenipen12.jpg

E-sport are the event that are suitable and support on my argument and already run on this society. Pro gamer are spent their time be the veteran having the public competition to decide who are the winner. The winner from the game competition are getting respect from other player and lot of prize, those become the motivation to keep the event. Now a days e-sport is confirm as a medal competition at 2022 Asian Game, that mean e-sport is already acceptance by the society and the winner of the game also become the fame in this society.

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